Saturday, 31 January 2015

Vague Attack Wing Battle Report

3 way 150 points fleet pure battle between myself, Owen's Romulans (double Scimitars) and Jason's Borg (Tactical Cube and Octohedron). I was quite happy to go after the Borg and their ridiculous amounts of hull points first but Owen placed a Scimitar right next to me and I wasn't having any of that.

Turn 1 End
Owen's Scimitar didn't fair too well after that. Both Voyager and the Enterprise E took huge chunks out of it. The Borg and Actual Scimitar (as in the named version) just moved up slightly.

Turn 2 End
Bye bye Fake Scimitar. Between Voyagers 360 shot and the Enterprise's minefield that ship didn't stand a chance. Now Owen knows not to deploy near me. The Actual Scimitar then fired it's fearsome Thalaron weapon but only knocked out the bonus Hull Armour upgrade on the Cube and killed off the Queen.

Turn 3 End
The Scimitar takes an absolute pounding from the Borg while my Feds maneuver round the planet.

Turn 6 End
The Scimitar got Cubed in turn 4 and Voyager got Diamonded in turn 5. The Galaxy with Riker on took a beating from the Cube during turn 6 and the Enterprise taken down to a couple of hull by the Diamond.

With the Galaxy gone the Enterprise stood no chance. I'd almost got the Diamond but couldn't quite finish it off.

It was a great game and I do feel guilty for killing Owen off first on his birthday but he started it :P I think I might try the Starter Picard out. Him being able to take 2 actions is quite nice and might make a big difference to how I play this version of the Enterprise but that auto-crit/extra defense Picard E gets is also a nice feature.

Feel free to check out Jason's view over on his Blog here. He's much more theatrical about battle reports than I am.

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