Battle Report 02 - IH vs CSM

Iron Hands (Me) vs Chaos Space Marines (Reece) - 31/10/2013

A 600 point battle for us both to test out some units. We both had a good, fun battle and will no doubt have another game in the near future. I'm starting to think people will be fearing the thunderfire soon, they're amazing for 100 points!

Iron Hands List
Chapter Master (Champion of Humanity) - 240 Points
The End of Turn 1

  • Shield Eternal
  • Thunder Hammer
  • Artificer Armour
  • Digital Weapons
Tactical Squad 1 - 130 Points
  • Grav Gun
  • Combi-Grav
  • Drop Pod
Tactical Squad 2 - 130 Points
  • Plasma Gun
  • Combi-Plasma
  • Drop Pod
Thunderfire Cannon - 100 Points

Chaos Space Marine List
Chaos Lord (Lord of Terror) - 155 Points
  • Murder Sword
  • Sigil of Corruption
  • Veterans of the Long War
  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Gift of Mutation
Chaos Space Marine Squad 1 (10 man) - 225 Points 
End of Turn 2

  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Veterans of the Long War
  • Close Combat Weapons
  • Gift of Mutation
  • Plasma Gun
Chaos Space Marine Squad 2 (10 man) - 225 Points
  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Veterans of the Long War
  • Close Combat Weapons
  • Gift of Mutation
  • Melta Gun

Reece deployed one squad (melta) on the side closest to the camera with his warlord in, the plasma squad on the other side. My thunderfire is in the blue building on the left with my warlord with the grav squad as the first wave pod.

Turn 1 
End of Turn 3
Reece managed to steal the Initiative and went first. All he was able to do was walk up and take a single pot shot at the Thunderfire Cannon which failed to do anything.

On my go the drop pod came in but scattered off the board and rolled a 6. Luckily for me that meant it only went into reserve and didn't give him 3 kill points and slay the warlord for free. That would have been embarrassing! The Thunderfire managed to kill 3 marines from the melta squad so it wasn't all bad.

Turn 2
Reece moves further up the board and take another couple of futile shots at the Thunderfire, running with his warlords squad to attempt to get linebreaker.

The plasma gun squad however shows up (still no sign of the first wave pod, not sure it counts as the tip of the spear any more) and manages to knock 3 more guys out of the enemy warlords unit as well as block their path to my deployment zone. The Thunderfire kills off another 3 guys from the enemy plasma squad.

Turn 3 
So close to combat. BLOOD FOR TH... sorry, wrong god.
During his turn Reece walks up to the plasma squad with the plan of charging in and wiping me out in combat. However he forgets this and gets a bit trigger happy with his bolter and rapid fires which stops him from getting that charge however he does kill a Marine. The enemy plasma squad is still unable to hurt the Thunderfire.

During my go the Thunderfire manages to kill a further 4 guys from the enemy plasma squad and pin the few remaining survivors. My tactical squad on the ground however manage to kill a single enemy marine leaving that squad down to just his warlord and 2 normal guys.

Turn 4
Restraining themselves the Chaos Lord and his unit charge into the Plasma squad, lucky overwatch shots from the bionically enhanced Iron Hands manages to down both of the enemy warlords bodyguards and earning themselves First Blood. The Chaos Lord challenges Sergeant Badass to single combat and cuts him down with ease, just in time for...

End of Turn 4. I'm coming for you...
MY WARLORD TO FINALLY SHOW UP! As he disembarks from the drop pod to see his second in command cut down by the hands of the traitorous scum he begins an enraged march, stomping across the battlefield to engage this monster and bring it down. As he'd won a duel the Chaos Lord gain a gift from it's dark masters, another wound bringing him up to 4. Luckily though he was still engaged in combat by the remainder of the Sergeant Badass's squad. The grav squad that arrived with the chapter master took out the pinned squad the Thunderfire had been dealing with.

Turn 5
The foul Chaos Lord was Reece's only hope now but due to some poor rolling and a good Feel no Pain roll he only managed to knock out 2/3 of the remaining marines, the last one of which Shall Know No Fear!

This was it. Hammer Time was pissed. He charged into the Chaos Lord and took him down a couple of wounds, loosing 1 of his own. Unfortunately he was to busy beating the shit out of chaos to remember that he will not die and failed to regenerate a wound.
Final Kill Cam: HAMMER TIME, SMASH!!!

(note: there was some minor cheating so i got a single marine back, however he made no difference in game)

Turn 6 Thanks to the Thunder Hammer's Concussive rule Hammer Time had the opening he needed and dutifully remove the Chaos Lord's head and genitals from his body with a single hit. Ok it was 2 hits but 1 sounded more dramatic. The Lord almost took Hammer Time out though and sent him down to his final wound before keeling over dead.

Small points games can be pretty fun.
Chaos Lords are dicks.
Drop Pods are sometimes spring loaded.
Do not piss off Hammer Time. He will kill you and your family. If you have no family he will give you one then kill them in front of you.

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