Friday, 30 August 2013

Invasion Results

So yesterday i went down to warhammer world for an invasion doubles event for 40k, 600 points per player and each player gets 1 warlord (so 2 potential slay the warlords). I took imperial guard featuring a manticore and a colossus and my team mate took grey knights including a dreadknight.

For those who haven't been to an event at warhamer world first people there set their armies up on trays and wait for someone to sit opposite them for a game. This has a clear advantage for the people who turn up later on as they can see what they're up against and pick an easier target. We turned up first. Despite this our opponents had an ork horde and daemons, and they chose to fight grey knights and guard pie plate spam. Mission was big guns with the short table edge deployment and needless to say we won. Skarbrand and bloodletters turn up turn 1, dreadknight and manticore took them out. Turn 3 daemonettes and Mask (is that the right spelling?) turn up and between first rank fire and the manticore they died that turn as well. Ghazghul walked into our deployment zone and got held up by sergeants but that was fine, not like he was going to do a lot.

Game 2 didn't go as well. Normal deployment and kill points. VS Tau/Chaos with 2 (yes, 2 of them in a 600 point list) riptides and a helldrake. Only 1 scatter hit the entire game. We got wiped out bar 1 vet squad and the command squad. The only interesting thing to report from this game was the death of one of the riptides. It was wandering around our deployment zone blasting stuff and then it got tank shocked by a razorback. Riptide just wanted to step out of the way but failed his leadership so he began fleeing. On his way off of the board however it got charged by the dreadknight. We see it as it got scared by a MEHTAL BAWX and the dreadknight tripped it over.

Game 3 was the worst of the lot. Scouring and diagonal deployment. Against blood angels and tau. YET AGAIN the tau took 2 riptides and the angels had mephy. The only thing i'm going to type about this game is some of the amazing bullshit our opponents came up with and that despite that we lost 3-1 on secondary objectives (no one had troops left that weren't in combat).

1) Mephy can't join squads but characters can join him (sanguinary priest).
2) Riptide A is in combat, more guys go in. Riptide B is 6" away and can apparently overwatch despite the first riptide already being in combat.
3) Ordinance doesn't work out wounds/cover saves from the center of the blast so when a manticore shell splits into 3 bombs and all 3 land on the same firewarriors head exactly, he gets a 2+ cover from going to ground behind a defense line.
4) If you fire at a bastion (already on the board so it's dilapidated) with a manticore (so ordinance) and there are scouts on the roof you hit one or the other, not both.

Other than that last game it was a good day and i met some nice people, playing against strangers at a tournament is a refreshing change to the normal guys i play against.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back in Action!

Right then, it's been a while since I've done one of these (mainly because I've not done much with DZC recently) so I've changed it around slightly. It's now going to be about my gaming projects in general which means I can put out more content more often (and hopefully not forget about it :) )

See you around, Bloodhunter.