Sunday, 19 July 2015

Tournament Report

I went to an 1875 point 40k tournament on saturday with my Mechanicus War Convocation. All games were Maelstrom with points for winning which were then modified by how much you killed/lost during the game. I won with 3 victories, 2 of which were tables as well. (images from Black Dragon Miniatures Facebook page).

My first game was against Seb and his Grey Knights / Imperial Knight. This game was perfect for me, not so much for Seb. With Grey Knights being the small, elite army and Mechanicus hitting like a crap tonne of bricks it was only 3 turns before he took the last model off.

Servitors were not yet deployed when this was taken.

Game 2 was against Dave, manager of Games Workshop Coventry. This was the one I didn't table, but wasn't far off. The scenario was against Dave from the off, you get to draw 1 objective for each objective you are holding at the beginning of your turn and Dave had everything start in reserve. Every time he got onto an objective I just poured fire onto it until either he was off of it or simply gone. It also helped me that Dave had not played Mechanicus before so when I had things like the Taser Assassins going in at strength stupid can drowning things in wounds/glances it took him by surprise. But he deserves it when he tries pulling "Force gives all my guys instant death in combat", my arse does it!!

Final round was against Phil and his ... list. He had a Teseract Vault, 2 Monoliths and a Lord of Skulls. Not sure why he didn't bring his usual Heretics and Traitors list but that's what he brought. He drove forwards and then went down to my ridiculous amount of firepower. Apart from the Skulldozer, he got tasered back into the warp (whoop go Canticles for 9 taser dudes!!!). My Knight then kicked the last monolith off of the table.

Turn 3....

Well one of my opponents might not have had fun but everyone else seemed too. It was a good event with a decent variety in armies and play styles. I think my MVP would easily have been the Taser Assassins, they took out a Venerable Dreadnought, Paladins, Centurions, a Librarian, some TH/SS Terminators AND a Skulldozer!!

Also all those people who say that the Cognis relic for the Cult Mechanicus is the only one to take is just plain stupid. The Skryerskull is easily much better with the ability to just go "tank hunters against that with EVERYONE" is so much better than "my plasma hits your flyer on a 5 instead of just 6's". I think I'll be taking it every time.