Friday, 27 June 2014

Tail of many Rats

Tales of Many Gamers is back again this time round it's Fantasy. In Fantasy I play Skaven because hordes of crazy ratmen who MIGHT do want you want is fun if nothing else!

Check-ins 1 and 2 are now done and we have 1 Lord/Hero, 2 Core and 1 unit of our choice so for this I've got 2 units of Clanrats, a Grey Seer and a Battle Standard Bearer. They're not painted to look good, just painted basic to get them done. I have many, many rats to paint so quick and easy it is.

The next hand in will see some Stormvirmin and another individual model (probably the Doom Hamster). I think a unit + an individual is the only way I can manage to do this and keep my sanity.

Tournament: Final Round

For the final round of the tournament my opponent (dirty dirty missile spam tau) never showed up so I played against some Orks instead. Normally this wouldn't phase me but the deployment screwed me over (almost).

There was 1 objective in the center of the board worth 5 points, whoever is closest gets it. Deployment was that the board was divided into 4 quarters numbered 2,3,4 and 5. You choose a unit to deploy and roll a dice, which number you roll is where you deploy that unit. On a 1 your opponent can place is on a 6 you can. Only other restriction was that it couldn't be within the barricades around the objective.

I had First Blood, Warlord and the objective in the end but first turn made the difference as his boyz and nobz units were right in front of the stuff they wanted to charge on turn 1. Thankfully he failed to seize and I got to blast him first.

Main highlights were Pask almost getting turned into a Squig (good job tank commanders aren't independant!), and a Techpriest holding up a Nob for so long the Commissar got bored and shot him as he didn't kill the xenos fast enough despite stopping it from ripping the plebs apart.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tournament: Round 3

Round 3 came about yesterday with an interesting mission. 1 unit in each players list was chosen (by the organizer) to be the "Assassin" units. Only an Assassin unit can attack another Assassin unit until one of the Assassins has been killed at which point anyone can attack it. Normal Kill Points, First Blood, Linebreaker, Warlord and 3 points for having 1 Assassin kill the other.

My Assassin was the Melta Vets (just the Vets, their Chimera and attached characters are not counted as Assassins) my opponents was a Forgefiend with Autocannons. He was using Chaos Space Marines which featured Lucius, 2 units of noise marines with rhinos, some havoks with a rhino, some cultists, a predator and the previously mentioned Fiend.

The game itself ended up really close, as in neither Assassin unit had died and we'd killed 9 full units each which came down to secondary objectives. I'd got warlord and first blood (Pask meet predator and Lucius :P ) and thanks to some overkill managed to take out his linebreaker in the last turn. Really fun game despite the Assassins not being very good at their job, next week I'm against Dirty Dirty Missile Spam Tau who is the only person to technically win all of their games (they showed up this week but their opponent didn't so he gets the win). It'll be interesting as we face each other a fair bit and are fairly evenly matched, but with only a riptide in combat that can deal with the front of the Russ's I think I'll stand a good chance.

Monday, 9 June 2014

My Tournament List

As promised from my previous post here is the list I'm using in a local tournament, 1500 points, 6th ed.

Leman Russ Tank Command Squadron - 550 Points
- Hull Lascannon
- Pask
- Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Battle Tank
Commissar Yarrick - 145 Points
Commissar - 25 Points
Techpriest Enginseer - 40 Points
Primaris Psyker - 75 Points
- Level 2

Platoon Command Squad - 30 Points
Infantry Squad - 50 Points
Infantry Squad - 50 Points
Infantry Squad - 50 Points
Veteran Squad - 185 Points
- 3x Plasma Guns
- Grenadiers
- Chimera
- Hull Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad - 170 Points
- 3x Melta Guns
- Grenadiers
- Chimera
- Hull Heavy Flamer

Wyvern Battery (2 Wyverns) - 130

- Psyker takes Divination and Biomancy, twin-linking either the blob squad or Leman Russ's and then buffing himself unless the other Divination roll is really handy. He then goes in Platoon Command Squad with the Techpriest who keeps an eye on the Tanks.
- Wyvern's aim for cover camping units and clustered up enemies while the Russ's take on the tougher stuff.
- Yarrick goes with the Veterans to start handing them out orders and keep them in line while they take out stuff/take forward objectives.
- Blob squad are kept in line by the Commissar and take a backfield objective or stick to cover.

On paper it doesn't look fantastic, quite a few people have looked at it and either gone "Wha.....?" or "But you can't deal with aircraft". In game though it works really well so long as you pick your targets properly.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

First Tournament Game

Today was the first day of a local tournament, 6th ed 40k (not enough time to learn 7th for most players). I ended up playing against Eldar who had a Farseer with super special sniper and singing spear, 3 units of Rangers, Banshees, Scorpians, a Wraithknight, 2 Wraithlords and an Avatar. I'll post my list later but it's guard.

Scenario was standard deployment, kill points with a twist.
HQ - 3 Points (+1 for warlord, +1 if you killed their warlord in a challenge)
Troops and Heavy - 1 Point
Fast and Elite - 2 Points

It ended up being pretty close. Most of my army only needed a small amount to be killed off, but his Wraithknight just couldn't get past Yarrick and his Vets. It was a good game but I did make a few mistakes that I'll have to remember next time.