Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tournament: Round 3

Round 3 came about yesterday with an interesting mission. 1 unit in each players list was chosen (by the organizer) to be the "Assassin" units. Only an Assassin unit can attack another Assassin unit until one of the Assassins has been killed at which point anyone can attack it. Normal Kill Points, First Blood, Linebreaker, Warlord and 3 points for having 1 Assassin kill the other.

My Assassin was the Melta Vets (just the Vets, their Chimera and attached characters are not counted as Assassins) my opponents was a Forgefiend with Autocannons. He was using Chaos Space Marines which featured Lucius, 2 units of noise marines with rhinos, some havoks with a rhino, some cultists, a predator and the previously mentioned Fiend.

The game itself ended up really close, as in neither Assassin unit had died and we'd killed 9 full units each which came down to secondary objectives. I'd got warlord and first blood (Pask meet predator and Lucius :P ) and thanks to some overkill managed to take out his linebreaker in the last turn. Really fun game despite the Assassins not being very good at their job, next week I'm against Dirty Dirty Missile Spam Tau who is the only person to technically win all of their games (they showed up this week but their opponent didn't so he gets the win). It'll be interesting as we face each other a fair bit and are fairly evenly matched, but with only a riptide in combat that can deal with the front of the Russ's I think I'll stand a good chance.

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