Friday, 27 June 2014

Tournament: Final Round

For the final round of the tournament my opponent (dirty dirty missile spam tau) never showed up so I played against some Orks instead. Normally this wouldn't phase me but the deployment screwed me over (almost).

There was 1 objective in the center of the board worth 5 points, whoever is closest gets it. Deployment was that the board was divided into 4 quarters numbered 2,3,4 and 5. You choose a unit to deploy and roll a dice, which number you roll is where you deploy that unit. On a 1 your opponent can place is on a 6 you can. Only other restriction was that it couldn't be within the barricades around the objective.

I had First Blood, Warlord and the objective in the end but first turn made the difference as his boyz and nobz units were right in front of the stuff they wanted to charge on turn 1. Thankfully he failed to seize and I got to blast him first.

Main highlights were Pask almost getting turned into a Squig (good job tank commanders aren't independant!), and a Techpriest holding up a Nob for so long the Commissar got bored and shot him as he didn't kill the xenos fast enough despite stopping it from ripping the plebs apart.

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