Friday, 27 June 2014

Tail of many Rats

Tales of Many Gamers is back again this time round it's Fantasy. In Fantasy I play Skaven because hordes of crazy ratmen who MIGHT do want you want is fun if nothing else!

Check-ins 1 and 2 are now done and we have 1 Lord/Hero, 2 Core and 1 unit of our choice so for this I've got 2 units of Clanrats, a Grey Seer and a Battle Standard Bearer. They're not painted to look good, just painted basic to get them done. I have many, many rats to paint so quick and easy it is.

The next hand in will see some Stormvirmin and another individual model (probably the Doom Hamster). I think a unit + an individual is the only way I can manage to do this and keep my sanity.

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