Monday, 9 June 2014

My Tournament List

As promised from my previous post here is the list I'm using in a local tournament, 1500 points, 6th ed.

Leman Russ Tank Command Squadron - 550 Points
- Hull Lascannon
- Pask
- Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Battle Tank
Commissar Yarrick - 145 Points
Commissar - 25 Points
Techpriest Enginseer - 40 Points
Primaris Psyker - 75 Points
- Level 2

Platoon Command Squad - 30 Points
Infantry Squad - 50 Points
Infantry Squad - 50 Points
Infantry Squad - 50 Points
Veteran Squad - 185 Points
- 3x Plasma Guns
- Grenadiers
- Chimera
- Hull Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad - 170 Points
- 3x Melta Guns
- Grenadiers
- Chimera
- Hull Heavy Flamer

Wyvern Battery (2 Wyverns) - 130

- Psyker takes Divination and Biomancy, twin-linking either the blob squad or Leman Russ's and then buffing himself unless the other Divination roll is really handy. He then goes in Platoon Command Squad with the Techpriest who keeps an eye on the Tanks.
- Wyvern's aim for cover camping units and clustered up enemies while the Russ's take on the tougher stuff.
- Yarrick goes with the Veterans to start handing them out orders and keep them in line while they take out stuff/take forward objectives.
- Blob squad are kept in line by the Commissar and take a backfield objective or stick to cover.

On paper it doesn't look fantastic, quite a few people have looked at it and either gone "Wha.....?" or "But you can't deal with aircraft". In game though it works really well so long as you pick your targets properly.

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