Wednesday, 4 June 2014

First Tournament Game

Today was the first day of a local tournament, 6th ed 40k (not enough time to learn 7th for most players). I ended up playing against Eldar who had a Farseer with super special sniper and singing spear, 3 units of Rangers, Banshees, Scorpians, a Wraithknight, 2 Wraithlords and an Avatar. I'll post my list later but it's guard.

Scenario was standard deployment, kill points with a twist.
HQ - 3 Points (+1 for warlord, +1 if you killed their warlord in a challenge)
Troops and Heavy - 1 Point
Fast and Elite - 2 Points

It ended up being pretty close. Most of my army only needed a small amount to be killed off, but his Wraithknight just couldn't get past Yarrick and his Vets. It was a good game but I did make a few mistakes that I'll have to remember next time.

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