Friday, 23 January 2015

Video Games

In my meeting with the careers advice service the other day I jokingly said that maybe I should make one of those stupid mobile games like Flappy Bird. But actually, why not? I've spent 2 years at college studying video games design and I know what program to use and how to use it. If I look at some of the more popular mobile games they all have a few things in common.

Flappy Bird
Angry Birds
Candy Crush
Clash of Clans

Heck, I've just checked the Play Store and the current best selling game is "Crossy Road". IT'S GOD DAMN FROGGER BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THE FROG!!!! What have all these games got in common though? They are mind numbingly simple but addictive. That's all I have to do. Create a game that is incredibly simple, but addictive. Some sort of high score system, after all you want to beat that record. It's got to be child friendly, a bit cartoony. Bright colours. Catchy name. Maybe involve an animal. Replay-ability. Not the same every time time you play.

I've got a few ideas floating around. I'll do some research into how viable it is first before I start anything though.

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