Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mini Tournament

Todays mini tournament went well, even if I wasn't feeling so good and forgot to take photos. I think my list worked well apart from some bad dice but that happens from time to time.

Game 1 VS Imperial Guard
Short table edge deployment, mission 1 (4 objectives).

Massacre. The only word I can use to describe this game. A Guard list designed to function at whittling the enemy away from long range simply couldn't do anything to stop the Drop Pod Assault. Despite being fluffy my list hits hard and fast and at then end of turn 4 he only had a few models left (2 tech priests, 2 russ's and the remnants of a blob squad fleeing) and I'd yet to loose a whole unit. Absolutely brutal.

Game 2 VS Orks
Standard deployment, Relic

Another massacre, but I did loose a few units this time. Taking the Relic from a horde of boyz is easy, keeping it is something else. Eventually though I managed to bring it to another table but with the loss of a Dreadnought, the Sternguard, Issodon, a Tac squad and a Techmarine.

Game 3 VS Blood Angels
Diagonal Deployment, mission 1 (4 objectives).

This one was something a bit different to face. In the Exterminatus supplement the BAngels get a detachment called the "Archangels Strike Force". Compulsory, 1 HQ and 2 Elites. Optional, 1 HQ and 14 Elites. So he took 2 Sternguard units, a shooty Termie unit and a TH/SS Termie unit with a Captain. Termies were held in deepstrike but arrived too late. End of turn 1 and he only had 4 Sternguard on the table. Thankfully for him I went first and the "no models you loose" is at the end of the GAME turn not PLAYER turn. Turn 2 his shooty Termies came down but got wiped out through sheer firepower so his Assault termies came down in turn 3 and went after my scouts camping on a back field objective. I just waited on the other 3 in his deployment zone so turn 4 was the last turn anything actually happened. There was no point me going to him and he wasn't coming for me.

Game 4 VS Taudar
Diagonal deployment, 1 objective in each deployment zone.

Massacre again, but for me this time. 3 Wraithknights backed up by Battlesuits with Commander No-Guns are a pain in the arse to deal with when you scatter horribly. Tried to focus fire but simply couldn't put enough wounds on the T8 bastards and eventually got tabled.

Game 5 VS Flesh Tearers (BAngels)

Hilarious game. We both rolled so crap we couldn't help but laugh. I thought between 4 melta guns (1 being master crafted) and Issodons Infiltrate, Isolate, Destroy I should be able to take about a Land Raider. Apparently though Land Raiders are pretty hard to hit at point blank range, on the side, without it moving as only the master crafted one hit AFTER it's re-roll and all it did was Immobilise it. He ended up almost tabling me but god damn did I have fun in that one!

Overall it was a fun day I despite being unwell I had a great time, even with people trying to spoil it before it was organised. Hope to do something like this again soon.

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