Thursday, 8 January 2015

Necron Rumours - My Thoughts

So the Necron rumours have started up. For those who don't know 'Crons are my favourite army and the only one I have never got rid of at some point. They were also my second army from way back when Phase Out was a thing. Safe to say I love my metal menaces. Which is why I'm so disapointed with these frankly bullshit rumours.

Lets start with the first couple.

Gauss changing from "6's auto glance" to "6's double strength for armour pen". I highly doubt this one. I mean think about it, Warriors will be running around penetrating anything they come across that isn't AV 14. That is way more powerful than Gauss should ever be.

Reanimation Protocols not actually reanimating anything. This one is clearly from someone who doesn't like shooting down a load of models to see them stand back up again. Long story short changing it to an invul. If this ever happened then just take Thousand Sons or Legion of the Damned and gain the bonuses they have instead. It might make warriors a bit more survivable ... NOT. If this happens they'll only get the one save rather than the (basically) 2 saves they got before. Some sort of modified Feel No Pain I could understand but a straight up invul, no way in hell.

The Necronmancer. Apparently we're getting a new Monstrous Creature. To go along side out C'Tan Shards of the standard and Transcendent varieties and Tomb Spyders. Why? What role could this fill? We already have 3 MC's and one of them is a Gargantuan. Apparently it's got a bubble effect Res Orb type thing. Why though? We don't need one when for the cost of this thing we can probably just put an Orb Lord in every squad and not have to bunch up around the big thing. And the name. Necronmancer. That sounds more like a Cryptec type than a Monstrous Creature. If we were getting a new MC then Tomb Guardian or Ancient One would sound much cooler.

New Monolith model. The Monolith is THE iconic Necron unit, it would be like changing the Rhino or the Chimera. It's been as it is for so long it wouldn't be worth the change.

Monolith can fire it's Flux Arcs after the Whip without Snap Firing. Not actually bad and I can see this one coming into play. Oh wait. It's only full BS against Flyers, FMC's, Jetbikes and Skimmers. So the massive weapon that would prevent any other vehicle from firing normally actually gives the other guns Skyfire. How the fuck does that work!?!?!? "If I blow a crater into the battlefield here I can now shoot your fast, agile Valkyrie flyer down with all these other guns! But that Baneblade next to me is fine as I can't possibly hit that."

Living Metal = No Melta. The one rumour I am fine with. Of course it's current rules would have to go but it'd be worth it as I always forget Living Metal as it is any way.

So what do I expect to change?

Firstly, Mindshackle Scarabs. If you expect that to stay the same you're an idiot. It will either double in points and/or be moved to Relic or go down to 2D6 leadership.

Deathmarks. I think they'll stay as is BUT will no longer let attached characters gain the bonus from it. I mean fluff wise why should they and game wise it's broken.

Lychguard. I think their Dispersion Shields will no longer bounce shots. It's not particularly powerful but it seems unnecessary and they'll probably just end up as Storm Shields.

Monolith can fire it's Flux Arcs after the Whip without Snap Firing. However it'll be at ground stuff, still have to Snap against planes.

Gloom Prisms becoming an Adamantium Will bubble.

Triarch Stalker. Specifically targeting relay. This is either going to end up changing into something else or going entirely. It's basically a "kill that now" button. Also a possible move to Heavy.

Generic points adjustments, Transcendent Shard, Obelisk and Vault being put in as LoW. Possibly Shiteotekh the Weather Reporter going to LoW but after DEldar not getting Vect as one I'm not so sure any character will end up in there.

What would I like to see?

Pariahs. I'd like them back as a Cryptek upgrade for anti-psyker. All we have currently are the Gloom Prisms but they're a bag of wank even with my prediction of an Adamantium Will bubble.

Transcendent Shard of the Nightbringer/Deciever. Don't let us keep using the build-a-god workshop for these nigh unstoppable beings that use the stars themselves as snacks. They deserve more than that.

Flayed Ones dropping to 2 Attacks each but gaining Rending, Rage, Rampage or Shred in any combination of 2. They need something to make them worth taking. I love the models, I love the background but I just can't justify them in my army. Also move them out of Elites, perhaps to Troops. Quite literally everything else in that section is better than these guys.

The Silent King. Bring this dude in as a LoW. He is the Necron equivalent of a Primarch. Well maybe not that tough, Chapter Master perhaps? Anyways he's a badass and the only character that could justify ending up in LoW.

Higher Rank = Higher Initiative. Please for the love of god bring this in. I'm thinking something like Warriors and Flayed ones at 2 because they're dumb as hell. Immortals are slightly better so 3. Lords, Crypteks, Lychguard, Praetorians, at 4 and then Overlords at 5. Having my super bad ass Overlord going at the same time as a generic Ork is just ridiculous. Even if Warscythes became Unwieldy or still hit at I2 I'd be fine with it.

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