Saturday, 17 January 2015

Attack Wing Tournament Thoughts/Rants

So I played some Attack Wing today with a couple of friends and a guy who owns a games store in Coventry. He stocks Attack Wing and is running a tournament next month so he wanted to get to grips with the rules so we kept it simple at 2 ships each and 70 points per player. That set up is good because you get enough of a feel for how maneuvering ships together without being able to go to heavy with upgrades so things stay simple. Despite being taken out first thanks to getting caught up in between the Romulan and Klingon fleets it was a pretty good game.

The main thing I wanted to talk about was the rules for the tournament. It's going to be using the suggested rules found here. In short this means a few things. Firstly no one will know what their final fleet is until the day. This is thanks to the blind booster ship. While you could get something awesome like a smaller Borg Scout Cube you could also get a crappy Kazon or Vulkan ship. On the upside though at least you get to keep it afterwards and they can go for silly money on Ebay. I had a look to see if I could get the Stargazer on there the other day and they're about £40 as you could only get them from the Organised Play tournament at the time. Also the ticket is £15 and the ships are usually £12 so I'm basically getting to play in a tournament for £3. So yeah back on track I have to use a random ship in my list and it'll take up 30 points but I get to keep it.

Now the restrictions. 120 point games, with 30 reserved for the Blind Booster (so you get 90), and a minimum of 3 ships including the Blind one and no ship may come to more than 50 points unless it's base cost is 43 or more but at that time you're looking at Borg Cubes and the like. I know why they have done it thanks to reading online about other tournaments but for certain ships it seems to restrictive. But that's the point. A lot of people were turning up with a single kitted-out Fed ship or Cube and just screwing people over which isn't fun. It'd be like turning up to a 40k game with a normal army and playing against unbound Leman Russ spam backed up by titans. You won't win and it won't be fun. The problem is ships that are expensive anyway. Take the Enterprise-E for example. It's 32 base. To make the most of it's ability you want Torpedoes, Take your pick, quantum or photon, either way that's 6 points and now you're at 38. You're putting Picard on there and you know it. That'll be another 5 for the good one (FYI it's 6 for the other version). Now the E is usable it's 43 points. That's only 7 points for any Crew or Elite abilities and all I have is 1 ship with Torpedoes and a Captain. I know with some decent rolls it'll screw over even cloaked ships but with those basics on and not really any room to move is it worth it? I guess I'll find out after a few games under these rules.

If you read all that and are still going congratulations as it's mainly just me ranting. Might not sound like it but I am looking forward to this thing. I'll get a new toy and to (hopefully) play some people I've never met before. I'm already thinking up possible lists with what I currently have but hopefully soon I'll have another ship and new upgrades to consider as well.

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