Sunday, 11 January 2015

Shield of Baal: Exterminatus

Having got a copy of the book I've decided to give a quick review of the interesting bit. The Mephrit Dynasty stuff.

The Relics aren't much, they are only from a supplement after all, but seeing as we've got the only codex without them they're not bad at all.

The God Shackle: 10 points and Cryptek only. +1 S and T for a C'Tan Shard. If you have both of these and 10 points spare then why not but considering they are S and T 7 normally it's not really worth it.

Solar Thermasite: 25 points and you get +1 S for your weapons and re-roll saving throws of 1. Very useful for your lord and one I intend to use often.

Edge of Eternity: 20 points for a warscythe that is AP2 instead of 1 and precision strikes on a 2+. Oh dear god yes! Overlord with Thermasite, Edge, Scarabs, Weave and Shifter for 210 points. I'd take that over the Weather Reporter any day!

Warlord Traits: Not bad at all. 2/3 of them are actually useful. 3 and 4 are a bit rubbish (re-roll morale and adamantium will) and number 2 is for when you really want to kill that tank (haywaire on a warscythe :P ).

The Mephrit Dynasty Cohort: IE the force org chart. Standard chart with an extra mandatory Troops and 2 more Troops than normal total. Bonuses are re-roll warlord trait (always useful) and Troops choices get to re-roll 1's for reanimating. All it comes down to really is Objective Secured or bonus to reanimation. Personally I think I'll use the bonus to reanimation.


Conclave of the Burning One: Put God Shackle here. A bit meh but a C'Tan with FNP aint bad if you want one.

Zarathusa's Royal Decurion: Take a specific army. Get Crusader, Counter Attack, Fearless or Monster Hunters on EVERYBODY!! Be great if Praetorians were worth the points.

Anrakyr's Strategic Decurion: Bullshit from a fluff point of view as Anrakyr doesn't like Deathmarks but needs them for his formation. Take what is in most Necron armies anyway (obviously with Anrakyr) and get re-roll reserves. Meh.

Guardians of Perdita: All of the above, Zarathusa's bonus for everyone!!

Overall not bad. Not great but not bad. I don't think I'll use any of the formations but the force org and Relics I will.

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