Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tha Grayer Gooooodddd

They look cool. Don't care what anyone says Tau look cool. That's why I've decided to give them a go. I want to paint something different to the normal Imperial stuff and Necrons don't really count for anything for painting. I'm not going the route of every other Tau player though. No Riptides, no Commander Helpful, no vehicles (except maybe a flyer because I like the look of them) and only a couple of Markerlights. I'm taking Pathfinders with special weapons, plenty of Fire Warriors, a pair of Broadsides and modelling my Battlesuits to be wielding their guns 2 handed, possibly like pistols instead.

As for colour scheme I'm thinking a dark blue with orange in between the groves of the armour and on the sergeants helmets and a dark grey cloth. Already worked out my Commander wargear wise too.

Tau Battlesuit Commander - 85
XV8-02 Iridium Armour - 25
Onager Gauntlet - 5
Failsafe Detonator - 10
Repulsor Impact Field - 10
2x Plasma Rifles - 30
Shield Generator - 25

for 190 points. He's a lead-from-the-front kind of guy that doesn't like losing combat :P

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