Saturday, 24 January 2015

More Necron Rumours

So today Faeit came out with a load of Necron rumours that aren't complete bovine excrement like the last lot. I'm actually quite pleased so far.

Decurion Detachment: Alternate way to build your army and having used the formation provided in White Dwarf for it it's a pretty good one. I even have to give Tomb Blades some credit for not being completely useless as I always thought they were. Still hate the models though. Might have to convert some, not sure how yet. Maybe some sort of Tomb Blade / Reaver Jetbike kit bash?

Reanimation Change: So now it's a FNP that can be used against everything except S:D and "removes from play". 5+ basic, 4+ with Orb. So basically what it is now except as soon as the wound is taken rather than at the end of the phase.

Warlord Traits: As with all codex ones not bad but not great. 1, 2 and 6 are great, 4 is OK the rest aren't worth it. Eternal Warrior and re-roll hits in a challenge with Hatred if they refuse really are nice on a kitted out Overlord, Zealot is always fun and +1/-1 to reserve and seize can be handy. The others, not worth it at all.

Overlords getting WS and BS 5: About bloody time. I mean, why didn't they have that any way?

Orikan: Stars lookin purty doesn't switch off. Not bad still doubt I'll take him though.

Praetorians: 2 attacks base. Still don't think I'll take them over Lychguard.

Wraiths: T5. Only used them once but might have to get some more for a decent sized unit.

2 wound Destroyers: Awesome. More reasons to put them on the table.

2 wound Lords/Crypteks: Once again great to have.

Phase Shifter going to 4+: Unless it's a lot cheaper then this was a bad move.

Death Ray blast instead of line + Lance: Would actually use it now. Still probably wont but at least I'll consider it.

Doomsday Cannon: Still no. Rather not have the big cannon of doom sitting around doing nothing.

Flayed Ones: YES THANK GOD!! Count as having 2 combat weapons, AP5 and have Shred! So long as they don't go up by more than 1 point per model (ideally lower) I'll finally have a reason to put some of those awesome models into my collection.

Tesla: Same as before but doesn't work on Snap Shots. Who didn't see that coming?

Powers of the C'Tan: The only issue I have here is that according to White Dwarf you pick the target and THEN randomly generate a power. If it was power first that'd be fine. If it was random power(s) at the start of the game then choose which when you use them that'd be fine. But going "I need that Knight Titan dead" *rolls 4 or less* or "kill that horde" *rolls 5+* isn't exactly useful. The powers themselves are quite good but situational.

Overall not bad. No doubt there will be another post in a couple of days like this for other things like Relics, Dispersion Shields and Mindshackle Scarabs but so far so good.

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