Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Collective

Yes another Star Trek post. That tournament I've been on about has officially gone up and it's following "The Collective" story line. This is good news as the random ships can be narrowed down now as this story arc was July-September last year. So onto the possibilities.

Jem'Hadar Fighter (3rd Wing Attack Ship)
Maquis Raider (Gavroche)
K't'inga Class (IKS B'Moth)
ToS Romulan Bird-of-Prey (IRW Vorta Vor)
Saber Class (USS Yeager)

None of these are particularly bad. My preference would be the Yeager, B'Moth or Jem'Hader Fighter but the Vorta Vor wouldn't be too bad either. The Maquis though doesn't really bring anything that useful whereas at least with the Vorta Vor I've got other Romulan ships I can use it with. The Yeager comes with some really nice anti-Borg stuff too. At least I can plan what I'm doing a bit better now.

The top prize is a Vulkan ship. Not a great ship but some nice upgrades. You also get the counter attack upgrade and a matching die to go with it. The second one (don't know when that'll be yet) you get a chance to win the USS Raven, once again not a particularly good ship but nice upgrades, and some fleet captain cards. Third round and the Stargazer is the top prize which is the main one I'm after. Decent ship, decent upgrades. Some officer cards are also up for grabs. The overall winner also gets a partially assimilated USS Enterprise D which I'm not sure if it's Borg, Federation or both.

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