Sunday, 18 January 2015

Potential List - Attack Wing

So with my rant yesterday I decided to start looking at what I would actually take to a tournament. Thinking about what I play against usually ships that can cloak give me the most trouble so I've come up with 90 points that should hopefully give cloakers a tough time.

U.S.S. Enterprise - E (32)
- Jean-Luc Picard (5)
- Pavel Chekov (3)
- Deanna Troi (3)
- Photon Torpedoes (6)

Federation Starship, Galaxy Class (26)
- William T. Riker (4)
- Geordie La Forge (4)
- Miles O'Brien (2)
- Antimatter Mines (5)

My third ship would be the random one. The idea here is to have the Enterprise as the main heavy hitter. Thanks to not needing a target lock to torpedo anyone I can quite happily throw some heavy hits at cloaked ships and Chekov keeps me going afterwards by effectively turning all my white maneuvers green. Then there is Troi who is one use only but takes away someones cloak, gives you a free battle stations and disables the targets crew/captain. The generic Galaxy Class is bringing Riker to the party who can get a couple of shots off before being shot at himself. Geordie also forces ships to de-cloak at the end of the turn and makes them roll 2 less defense dice. O'Brien then lets me disable one of their upgrades if there is something annoying me (that and I'd only got 2 points left and he's the only 2 point upgrade I have). Finally the Antimatter Mines. Once they get too close to the Galaxy Class then BAM! 4 attack dice to their face that they can't roll defense dice against and a small section of the table that they're going to have to avoid. The third ship will then try and support the other 2, seeing as I don't know what it'll be that's how I'll have to plan it.

If I can I'll attempt to get the U.S.S. Excelsior expansion. The named version is the same cost as the generic Galaxy but trades 1 attack for 1 shield and gains a special ability. I can then switch out the Dorsal Phasers for some Torpedoes as the Excelsior has a 180 front arc and trade O'Brian for a Positron Beam to force my opponents to move slower.

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