Monday, 2 February 2015

First Necron Game

I had my first game with the new 'dex today. 2k points VS Imperial Guard with Big Guns (5 objectives) on a 4'x4' table. I played against someone who doesn't take bad lists or units but doesn't quite get them to work together on the table top. In the end he took 2 wounds off of the Nightbringer and killed 1 Warrior which the Ghost Ark replaced. I took the following Decurion Detachment.

Reclamation Legion - 1385

Anrakyr the Traveler - 160
10 Lychguard - 300
- Sword and Shield
10 Warriors - 235
- Ghost Ark
10 Warriors - 130
10 Warriors - 130
10 Immortals - 170
- Gauss Blasters
3 Tomb Blades - 60
- Gauss Blasters
- Shield Vanes
1 Monolith - 200

Royal Court - 370

Overlord - 185
- Resurrection Orb
- Warscythe
- Nightmare Shroud
- Phase Shifter
Lord - 95
- Resurrection Orb
- Warscythe
Cryptek - 90
- Chronometron

Star God - 240
Shard of the Nightbringer - 240

Building a Decurion detachment is ..... different. Quite a few times I found myself going "I can have one of these" then realizing I also have to take unit X and Y to field their formation. The Royal Court is a good example. I wanted that in there so my Warlord could re-roll his warlord trait. The Command Benefit from the Decurion doesn't allow him to do that but the Royal Court formation does. To do this though I also need a Lord (I can live with) and a Cryptek. The Cryptek was not as useful as the Lord. The Lord gets me another Res Orb in my Lychguard and a throw away character for any challenges that might pop up. The Cryptek though gives his unit a 5+ invun. Where is he supposed to go? The Warriors don't need him, he can't keep up with the Tomb Blades or even join the C'Tan and the Lychguard already have a 3++. In the end he baby sat the Immortals in case some Ignores Cover came their way while they sat on a backfield objective. It wasn't great but that's the price of the Decurion.

The Powers of the C'Tan were also a bit annoying.
"Lets fire at the Russ"
*draws Seismic Assault 3 shooting phases in a row*
"Lets try the Command Squad instead"
*draws times arrow*
I thought I was using the Nightbringer not the Deciever. At least he was a MAJOR distraction. He felt the need to destroy the Nightbringer at all costs and fired everything at it, including the Battle Cannon on the Russ, instead of the advancing horde of undead robots. I then simply blasted his army apart one unit at a time.

Overall though I think the Necrons are a good army. The choice between Combined Arms and Decurion is a tough one but I think that if you can make the Decurion work then it'll work well. It's just making sure those units you need but don't want end up with a use that means their points wont be wasted.


  1. I've found that the Cryptek seems a bit out of place in a Decurion. He gives +1 RP to the unit he is in, but being in a Decurion gives you a global +1 RP, which hits the 4+ limit. Maybe give him a Chronometron a stick him in a beefy unit of Warriors? I dunno, the rules for build a CAD and a Decurion seem to have very few common points.

    1. Like I said though I only took him because I had to. When I get some I'll put him in a big unit of Flayed Ones to give them a bit more staying power while they run across the board but until then he's not really doing anything worth while.