Saturday, 21 February 2015

Final Tournament List

My final list for tomorrows tournament is as follows:

U.S.S. Voyager (30) Kathryn Janeway (5) Pavel Chekov (3) Photon Torpedoes (5) Total (43) Sovereign Class (30) Jean-Luc Picard (6) Tom Paris (4) Dorsal Phaser Array (6) Total (46) Fleet total: 89

This build gives me a pair of tough, fast ships with 360 fire arcs that can each do 2 actions per turn. I've got enough speed to get away from the Borg Cube at a moments notice and can still fire while turning around. I decided that for the extra cost the Torpedoes on the Enterprise E were not worth the extra points so stripped it down to a basic Sovereign with Dorsal Phasers instead which let me fit in Tom Paris to give it an extra Defense Die. Also being 1 point down I can claim Initiative over another Federation fleet that is dead on the 90 points. I'll try and get some pics uploaded tomorrow after the tournament and give a run down of how it went.

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