Sunday, 8 February 2015

Decurion List Idea

I was playing around with 1500 point Decurion lists earlier when I came across one I actually quite like (in my head at least). The idea is have a solid base in the Reclamation Legion with the hard punch coming from a Living Tomb. That and I like Monoliths a lot :P

Reclamation Legion - 798

Catacomb Command Barge - 195
- Warscythe
- Phase Shifter
- Phylactry
10x Warriors - 130
10x Warriors - 130
10x Warriors - 130
9x Immortals - 153
- Gauss Blasters
3x Tomb Blades - 60
- Gauss Blasters
- Nebuloscopes

Living Tomb - 700

Obelisk - 300
Monolith - 200
Monolith - 200

The Tomb Blades go hunting anything camping in cover such as Scouts or Rangers/Pathfinders then come back round to support the main force. Command Barge stays central to the main army thanks to it's 12" bonus bubble, darting out to take on things as it needs to. Turn 2 the Obelisk shows up regardless and starts throwing out an ungodly number of Tesla shots. Here's a thing I've noticed though. Teleport Homers, Homing Beacons, Locator Beacons. They all say that the model has to be on the board at the start of the turn to use it. The Living Tombs Obelisk however has no such restriction, so if a Monolith comes in Turn 2 providing the Obelisk is down first it wont scatter.

Although I wont be able to re-roll it there is only 1 Warlord trait I wouldn't want to have. Implacable Conqueror is useless as Reclamation gives out Relentless and Crusader isn't going to come into play as Necrons wont be winning combat any time soon. I wouldn't be upset or thrilled with Immortal Hubris either as it's just a +6" to the Command Barge bubble, the others though would be pretty useful.

The thing i'm not sure on though is whether or not to take out 1 Immortal and have Voidreaper on the Barge in case of big things like Wraithknights or Riptides to rip them a new one.

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