Saturday, 14 February 2015

Necrons: A Few Games Later

I've managed to get about 4 games in with the new Necron book since its release. While it plays pretty much the same one thing I have noticed over every game so far is that Necrons are extremely durable. I mean ridiculously so. In all 4 games I have yet to loose a whole unit to enemy fire (I lost a Deathmark squad due to them not turning up all game) and it's down to the new way Reanimation Protocols works. Before you could focus fire on a unit and either make them run to keep them down or kill off the whole squad. Now that it's just an extra save I'm sat there with Warriors and Lychguard simply tanking all of the wounds on 4+(3+ for Lychguard)/(3++)/4+++ re-rolling ones. They're nigh unstoppable.

The Lychguards points drop has also made a huge difference. Thanks to that I can get more into the unit for the same cost which makes them much more effective. Combo-ing them with a Royal Court whose Cryptek is armed with the Solar Staff and Veil of Darkness makes them much nastier with them ending up in your deployment zone turn 1 and you can only snap fire against them.

Finally the Catacomb Command Barge is really good as the Reclamation Legions lord. I've been arming mine with a Phase Shifter, Phylactry and the Void Reaper for 205 points. He hasn't died yet. The rider simply Tanks the anti-armour shots and the anti-infantry stuff can't scratch the Barge itself. He then floats around supporting the main infantry blob by keeping them in line thanks to Enhanced Reanimation and Command Wave then when the enemy are near he pops out and murders them in close combat. If a Riptide or Wraithknight shows up then he can deal with it thanks to Void Reaper.

So yeah, lots of little tricks here and there (to the point where one opponent accused me of making stuff up) with plenty of durability makes this book really good.

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