Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Decisions, Decisions

I've got until then end of the month to decide what list to take to the Attack Wing tournament. I've got 2 in mind but they use different approaches. The scenario being "last ship standing wins, here's a Borg Cube you can't attack to mix things up".

The main one I'm considering is tougher, harder hitting ships to try and take the enemy out sooner. This has the pros of being harder hitting but the downside of more stuff the Borg can steal with each card being too important to potentially loose. The other one though is less upgrades, worse captains but more ships with better firing arcs (2 with 360 shots and 1 with a 180). I have more ships but

So I have the choice between a bigger punch or strength in numbers. 4 ships total or 3? Better firing arcs or harder hitting shots? Less stuff for the Borg to steal or worse captains?

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