Sunday, 22 February 2015

Tournament Results

So the Tournament was today and I used the list I posted last night but with Tuvok instead of Tom Paris which came in really handy combined with Dorsal Phasers. Got carried away with the games and didn't take any pictures though.

My blind booster ship was the Vorta Vor, a ToS era Romulan Bird of Prey. It's a bit of a meh ship but it's dirt cheap so it's not all bad. Shame I didn't get the Federation ship but at least it went to Federation players.

There were also 4 Fed players running the Sovereign and Intrepid, all with different lists but that was literally half of the tournament running almost the same thing. Next time I wont run Feds just for something different. Might pick up some Borg for it to be honest, or Romulans.

My first game was against my old nemesis, Jason and his Romulans. He had the new Warbird, a Reman Warbird and also got the Vorta Vor. He used a lot of combinations and had a Warbird firing off something like 7 dice worth of shots at long range. I lost but killed his Vorta Vor and heavily damaged his other ships. I was the only person to kill one of his ships all Tournament.

My second game was against someone I'd never met before (always a good thing when gaming). His name was Andy and he was running a Fed list(so Voyager and the Big E). Thanks to some psychological warfare at the start I managed to get his Voyager to deploy on the opposite side of the board from his other ships and just ganged up on it, swinging round with all 3 of my ships to take out his other 2. He did managed to kill off my Voyager though.

The third and final game was between me and Orkie Dan. We've been practicing against each other for this tournament for about a month now and know each others lists inside out. Our practice results were fairly even but thanks to some nice dice rolling and focus firing on the right ships at the right time I managed to pull out a table against him, loosing my Sovereign in the process.

Jason came in overall first place with Scott in second and myself in third. However thanks to Jason and Scott being the Organizers they would not take the prize and gave it to me as the highest ranking none-organizer. That's a win right? Either way I came out of the £15 event with the Vorta Vor ship, the Ti'Mur ship, the Counter Attack upgrade and the Borg Cube token so I can play the scenario whenever I want. Not bad for a day out eh?

The next event will be Collective Part 2: Wolf 359. Trekkies can guess what that means.


  1. Good result! As you could probably tell from when we were in GW, I'm quite interested in giving this a go. Any chance I could join in a game at some point to give it a go?

    1. You're more than welcome to join in a game. Just need to know a time/place.