Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wolf 359

The next Trek tournament isn't until the end of the month but I'm already looking into lists and gathering ideas. The next one is co-op competitive, which is a bit of a weird one to play. With the scenario being Wolf 359 you already know you can't beat the Borg. The mission is basically this. You and your opponent deploy on one table edge. The Borg are centered just off of the other one. You can use abilities on your opponent HOWEVER you cannot do ANYTHING that causes them to take damage to their hull or shields, killing off their crew or stealing their weapons is perfectly fine however. The Borg don't move but can shoot you at infinite range. Whoever does the most damage to the Borg at the end of the game wins. The game ends once the time ends or BOTH players fleets are destroyed which means that if your opponent is wiped out you can keep going and potentially beat them if you were loosing.

So this one is all about brute force. The more damage you can put on the Borg the better. I'm simply refusing to take Voyager or the Enterprise E after the last one, but I think I'll still use feds. The list I've come up with has 2 good advantages. Firstly it's got a lot of damage output. 2 of my ships are firing out 4 dice at range 1 while the 3rd is shooting out 5 at range 2-3 and putting on an additional Hit so long as I don't completely cock up. The second advantage is that all 3 ships have 180 degree firing arcs on the front. This means I can get some shots in from almost any angle and if I misjudge a maneuver I should still be able to fire. There is a major downside though, 2 of my ships turn like freaking buses. On to the list though:

Miranda Class - 18
Jean-Luc Picard - 6
Quantum Torpedoes - 6

Excelsior Class - 24
James T. Kirk - 5

Excelsior Class - 24
William T. Riker - 4
Maxwell Forrest - 3 (admiral)

The Excelsior is one of my favourite ships. Like I said before it moves like a bus but it's built like a tank and has the firing arc to make up for it. These 2 get in close and start pumping out shots and Forrest gives them some extra maneuverability just in case. Kirk then starts to be annoying "Oh you want to fire those torpedoes? LOL nope disable them!!" while Riker hits the Borg back when they shoot him for some extra damage. Picard then sits back at long range firing off torpedoes every turn from his fragile little Miranda class. I'm also shooting quite quickly with a 7, 8 and 9 for my captain skills.

I actually hope the random ship is the Federation one though, not just because it's another Fed ship but because I already know what I'm going to take on it and with my loadout it'll be the best option out of all of the random ships. It'll have a constant stream of Torpedoes and a defense bonus just because fuck the Borg!!

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