Friday, 27 March 2015

Another Space Marine and Skitarii Thoughts

This is my second Red Hunter. Looking much better than the first although his base and a purity seal still need doing.

Still a pain to do all the highlighting but it's worth the result. Shame my phones camera isn't so good.

Thank god for Khorne Red spray paint! Makes things so much quicker, for these guys at least. Can't wait to get the rest of them done but I don't want to do them just because of the time it takes.

Now onto what I really want to talk about. Skitarii. I've got Mechanicus for 30k so I'm really excited by this release and looking at the leaked rules from White Dwarf I will not be disappointed. Their basic troops seem to be able to deal with anything and with only 100/120 points for the 10 man units that's not a bad price at all. Their weapons are all really funky as well, I think all of them if not most come with their own fluffy rule.

The thing is, they have this rule called Doctrina Imperitives. No one has found out what this does yet and I'm not sure anyone cares as they're too busy looking at everything else. But they probably should be concerned. The Skitarii are quite cheap for what they do, they must have a downside. I think that Doctrina Imperitives is their downside. I think it'll be something similar to the Tyranids Instinctive Behavior where if you don't have a Techpriest near by they go off and do their own thing if they fail a leadership test.

I think with what's been revealed so far the Skitarii will be quite a short range shooty army, ideally mechanized in transports to get them up the field quickly. Not sure how those walker things will work yet but I think units of 3 will be minimum so they can survive long enough to do some damage.

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