Sunday, 8 March 2015

Battle of the Mutara Nebula

After the first move the Enterprise was in the nebula where as the Reliant was skulking around the edge, unsure whether to enter.

The Enterprise moves deeper into the Nebula while the reliant continues to move around the edge.

Right on the edge of the Nebula the Enterprise prepares to attack the Reliant. Soon after the Enterprise emerges, blasting a hole in the back of the Reliants shields and being to close for return torpedo fire,

To avoid the return fire next turn the Enterprise ducks back into the Nebula, forcing Khan to follow them in.

With both ships now in the Nebula it was only a matter of time until a brutal broadside severely damaged the Reliant, but the Enterprise suffered a Warp Core Beach and was almost destroyed. They did however manage to eject the core in time, meaning the ship could now only run on emergency power.

Unable to maneuver very well the Enterprise struggles to bring itself into weapons range.

Eventually the ships get near to each other, however the interference from the nebula means only short range attacks are possible.

The Enterprise just manages to get into the Reliants blind spot, saving it for 1 more turn.

And then it was over. The Enterprise failed to destroy the Reliant  which allowed Khan to fire off a volley of Torpedoes, destroying the Enterprise. One of the torpedoes misfired thanks to the Nebulas interference though and also took the Reliant out resulting in both ships getting destroyed.

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