Thursday, 5 March 2015


So having picked up a Vulcan ship as first prize in the last tournament I decided to pick up the other 2 retail Vulcan ships and they have some nice tricks. Firstly all of their ships have 180 forward fire arcs. Secondly they have a lot of Tech upgrades and a 3 point captain that makes all Vulcan Tech 2 points cheaper. Free tractor beams for everyone!! They also have a fair few upgrades for screwing with your opponent. One captain hands out disabled tokens to their upgrades, another disables their shields while a third brings discarded crew back from the dead which goes well with Vulcan Commandos who get discarded but give you bonus attack dice against a ship AND disable it's upgrades. Their only problem is that they're slow and their big ship (the D'Kyr) turns about as well as a brick. So with my new toys I've made another list for Wolf 359.

D'Kyr - 26
Sopek - 4
Aft Particle Beam - 1
Vulcan Commandos - 3
Vulcan Commandos - 3

Ni'Var - 20
V'Las - 3
Combat Vessel Variant - 3
Tractor Beam - 0

Ti'Mur - 20
Vanik - 3
Combat Vessel Variant - 4
Tractor Beam - 0

With this list I can knock out any 2 upgrades from 1 ship (or get bonus attack dice against the Borg) and a Crew from another ship. I've also got some decent hull points and attack power at different ranges with all 3 ships gaining an attack dice for different reasons. Tractor Beams then give me some defensive power by letting me force my opponent to re-roll attack dice when they shoot me at range one. Only problem is the turning isn't great but with the great fire arcs on all the ships that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Shame I don't have an extra Tractor Beam card for the D'Kyr to have one too but I might see if I can borrow one from someone else. In theory this could work, but I'll need a few practice games first. Thankfully the Excelsior(s) wont show up for a couple of weeks so I'll have time to play about with the Vulcans.

Coming Soon: Battle of the Mutara Nebula Battle Report.

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