Thursday, 12 March 2015

I painted a Space Marine!!

As you might have guessed from the title, I've spent today painting a Space Marine. Why is this worth writing a post about though, you might be asking. Because this is my first Space Marine where I've used more than 8 paints. Typically I use about 5 in total, characters go up to about 7 or 8. Basecoat, drybrush, few details, wash, base, done. That looks ok for tabletop standard and I can easily get through a Tactical squad in about a day. Problem is it's not challenging me. So I've decided to up my game, which is where this guys comes in.

20 paints. I used 20 different paints on this guy. Not even my best painted models have 20 paints on them and he's definitely not one of my best. But he's just the tester, the first of many. He's the first time I've ever done any layering and edge highlighting.

He might not be much, especially compared to Alun and Matt, but I'm proud of him and have already learned a couple of things from him. Once I get a few more practices done I'll start work on a small army, only getting 1 unit at a time (Tale of Many Gamers here I come!) so I don't overwhelm myself.

Who is this guy though?

He's from the Red Hunters chapter. I chose them because I like their colour scheme and with their VERY close ties to the Inquisition I can throw in an Inquisitor and his warband and use some of the Forge World Inquisition doors for my vehicles to make the army look even better. Once I've got the techniques down and a fair sized force I'll be picking up Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex from Forge World. No idea where to find his rules but that model is absolutely badass!!


  1. Looking good, it's always good to try and push yourself every now and then, sometimes you may end up surprising yourself.

    One thing I would say is "faces and bases", the two main focal points of a miniature. Your application of the texture paint has gone awry a bit. Just spend a bit more time making sure that it goes to the edge of the base, doesn't spill onto the side, and if it is not intended, tidy up the feet of the model.

    That's the only thing I will say, good work :)

  2. Agreed, he's a good bit work there dude, and what a fantastic choice for a chapter, very under used.

    If this is the first of many I look forward to the rest.

    Oh, now you'll see why we finish a unit so slow :)