Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Battle(s) of Wolf 359

Today was a good day to die, at least for my Miranda class. Scenario was to do more damage to the Borg than your opponent, my list was:

Miranda Class
- Pleb Captain

USS Enterprise - A
- Picard (CS 8)
- Quantum Torpedoes

Constitution Refit
- Mr Spock
- Quantum Torpedoes
- Federation Fleet Captain

K'Tinga Class
- K'Nera
- Qapla'
- Kunivas

As you can see my random ship was once again not the USS Yeager, but the Klingon ship IKS B'Moth. To be fair it isn't a bad little ship for the points, it's just really slow. However I did manage to trade the Vorta Vor I got last time for a Federation Attack Fighter Squadron.

The basic tactic was to fly the Constitutions up and hover around range 3 firing off Quantum Torpedoes whilst the K'Tinga and Miranda ram into it and keep firing until they die. This worked up until the last game.

ROUND 1 - Federation (myself) VS Federation (Andy)

I faced off against Andy in the second round last time, this time round though he was my first opponent. Having played the scenario a few times for practice I had the upper hand, Andys downfall this game was that he was too scared of the Borg to get close enough to damage letting me get a good few rounds of shooting in first. Final score 46 - 22.

ROUND 2 - Federation (myself) VS Federation (Ashton)

This was Ashtons 6th maybe 7th game of Attack Wing. We'd played the day before so he could get used to the scenario and he narrowly beat me. Today things were different and I managed to win 60 - 54

ROUND 3 - Federation (myself) VS Borg/Federation (Jason)

The one person I did not want to face, especially with the stupidly powerful Officer Exchange Program resource. Yes lets make it legal to put Picard and Spock on Borg ships AND make them cheaper than putting them on Federation ships, why not? I ended up losing this one 70 - 80 thanks to the second picture stopping my big guns from firing for a turn.

Final position was 4th place. It was a good event and the winner has said he'll trade me a Jem Hadar ship for the prize one if I want it. It might not be the best of ships but I might take him up on that. Final scenario is the Battle of Sector 001, kill a Cube and then a Sphere. More points for the less ships you loose and the more damage the Borg take the harder they become to kill.

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