Saturday, 4 April 2015

Skitarii - The Kit and Gameplay Thoughts

To build they are simply awesome. The only issues are that when building the bodies they connect to the sprue where the arms go in and that area is a pain in the arse to clean up so the arms fit together, and where the pipes/cables for the Data Tether and Arc Rifles don't quite line up with the back packs. Other than that it's a brilliant kit and I can't wait to get some more. Also planning on using the spares to convert Techmarines/Techpriests/Inquisitors as you get LOADS left over.

In gameplay terms though I'm not going to run them on their own. I'll be throwing in an Inquisitorial detachment with a few squads of just Servitors with heavy weapons (I know they'll mindlock but they'll be on objectives so who cares). Maybe some Monkeys as well. I'll then buy them Transports and move the Skitarii into them on turn 1. This gives my Skitarii some cover as they move up, some extra firepower and keeps me bound. The Inquisitor in question though will either be my Abeyant Magos but use Krazypants rules (NUKE EVERYONE!!) or an Ordo Malleus with Power Fist (servo arm), Hellrilfe and Power Armour should make a decent proxy Techpriest even if he's not very good at fixing things. Maybe throw one of the Relics in there for added tactical buffs. He can then either go with the Rangers and snipe things or the Vanguard and punch things.

I would like to get some Dragoons for back up. They're quick enough to reach the backfield and strong enough to take on lighter tanks. Then I'll get some Dunecrawlers for heavier firepower as they look like they'll be the equivalent of a Predator or Leman Russ. The assassins will probably go in somewhere as they seem like fun units but whether I get 2 units or 1 I'm not sure about.

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