Friday, 10 April 2015

Tournament Results

The first tournament at the local GW was overall a success. There were a couple of things that needed changing but the plan for this one was always to use it as a test to see what worked and what didn't. The main thing that everyone agreed should change is that everyone should play the same scenario as your Victory Points over the whole event decided position (with +5 points for a win) but each table rolled separately for their game. The downside to this was that some scenarios get objective cards out much quicker than others meaning those ones will probably score higher over all so that'll be changed for the next one.

I took the list that I put up the other day with the Melta Bomb instead of the relic.

GAME 1 - VS Adam's Unbound Power Armour

For his list Adam just took what he liked from pretty much every marine book which made it difficult keeping track of what was what at times. My Skitarii however took the challenge and scored a ton of tactical objectives while systematically taking out his units 1 by 1. The force of 10 rangers jumping out of a Chimera with BS 7 completely blew away most of a Death Company unit and the combat just cleaned them up thanks to the Pater Radium on my Warlord.

End of turn 1


Nick brought an interesting list with him. The Forge World character on a bike, a load of biker boyz, 3 planes (2 dakka jets and a bomber I believe) and a buggy for points filling. While his Orks didn't manage to score many objectives what they did do was "krump dem shiny 'umies a gud 'un". Although a lot of my stuff died I ended up scoring so my points from objectives that I ended up in the lead from this game alone.

GAME 3 - VS Glen's Blood Angels Elite

Glen took Mephiston, 9 TH/SS Termies with a flag, a Storm Eagle and a Skyshield with Ready for Take Off. I didn't find out until afterwards though that Glen had been told the day before NOT to include any Legacies of Glory as he does not have a copy of the rules for them ... so he went and put Legacy of Thall (?) on his Storm Eagle to increase it's Jink save to 3+ which saved it no end of times throughout the day and cost me the game against him. Not that I'm bitter about it or anything :)

GAME 4 - VS Alex's Grey Knights

I thought this one was going to be close, but the Dice/Card Gods had other ideas. Nothing went right. My Chimera immobilized itself when it was about to claim 4 points, the Executioner blew itself up on it's first shot and only 3 of the cards I drew could actually be claimed once the Chimeras had gone. Invisible Grey Knights jumping out of a Land Raider don't help things much either.

Final Positions were:

1st - Alex (Grey Knights)
2nd - Adam (Power Armour)
3rd - Myself (Skitarii/Guard)
Joint 4th - Nick (Orks), Glen (Blood Angels)
6th - Kyle (Chaos Marines)

Like I said a couple of things need changing for the next one but over all it was a good day. Look forward to the next one.

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