Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Black Dragon of the Apocalypse

Sunday we have a roughly 7000 points of Chaos Traitors (IA 13)/Daemonkin/Dark Angels (fallen) VS 7000 points of Skitarii/Imperial Guard/Blood Angels over at Black Dragon Miniatures in Hinckley on a really nice 6'x12' board. Besides from a couple of people showing up late and expecting to join in (I mean seriously, store opens at 10 closes at 4 and game starts at 10:30. What on earth makes you think you can turn up at 3:20 and join in??) it was a good game. The Skitarii performed well despite their low numbers and incomplete rules. They almost took out a Blood Thirster and a Lord of Skulls. The Artillery and Cadians wreaked havoc upon Mutant Rabble and Fallen Angels alike and the valiant Blood Angels sowed destruction in the traitors deployment zone. It was a glorious battle. Stuff died, stuff survived, odds were defied and ... something else ending in ied just to make it rhyme. The Imperium unfortunately lost but should another turn have happened who knows what might have happened. Both the Lord of Skulls and Bloodthirster were almost gone as were the last of the Fallen but equally the Blood Angels weren't doing so well and the Skitarii flank was on the verge of being overrun by Possessed and Cultists even with airborne Tempestus reinforcements on the way.

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