Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015

Ah Salute. The one event I always go to. Always a good time and well worth the money to go. Unfortunately no pics from me this year but there were some things I wanted to talk about.

Firstly the queue to get in was just stupid this year. The way it was laid out was like someone was doing really well at Snake but about to fuck up. Then all of a sudden everyone just started moving towards the entrance. I don't know if it was planned or not but fuck it we got in there quicker :P

The boards as always were amazing. Beasts of War did a Hoth board with a huge Millennium Falcon and some very familiar looking models on it.

There were some guys that had a Battlestar Galactica board set up using the Full Thrust rules. The big ships were Revel kits and the the fighters custom 3D printed. Looked fantastic.

A team did a Resistance VS Scourge table for Dropzone Commander with underground bases that were just chock full of detail while Hawk Wargames themselves finished the big ship they started last year.

Spartan Games had both a Demo(ish) table and a display table for Halo: Fleet Battles. The reason for the "ish" after demo was because the guys demoing it didn't quite know what they were doing. 1 minute the Covenant are next to impossible to kill, the next their ships are made from wet paper bags. The models however do look incredibly pretty, for the both ships and the ground units.

I managed to get the big new GW figure case at 1/3 off (so only £50, thank you discount traders), the TOS era Enterprise, an ENT era Enterprise and a second USS Defiant as well as this bad boy:

That's right. I managed to get a hold of Deep Space 9 from the Dominion War OP Tournament. Only £40 as well (looking at about £100 on ebay). Considering it's a space station it's not actually as tough as I thought it would be at only 8 hull, 8 shields but it doesn't need to reload torpedoes so that's pretty good and it's only 44 points. Can't wait to put this thing on the table top tomorrow night against Owen's Dominion fleet. Will have to get pics for that as it's going to be a good one!! Especially as he doesn't know I've got this!

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