Sunday, 12 April 2015

Skitarii List Idea and Second Model

Lets get the guy out the way first. I decided the next model I wanted to do was one of the Transuranic Arquebus's as it's big and pretty and full of details. Here he is

They might be taking ages but I am enjoying painting these guys up. Not sure how I'm going to do the Dunecrawler though. In pieces is probably the best way I think.

Now onto the list. It started as I wanted to know what I would actually take in a Battle Maniple Formation, and ended up as a list that I actually want to use. Depending on a reply from Forge World though there may be another Ironstrider going in there. I went for 1875 as that seems to be the standard these days.

Skitarii Battle Maniple Formation

10 Vanguard (240)
- Data Tether
- 3x Plasma Caliver
- Phosphor Blast Pistol
- Power Sword
- Conversion Field
- Pater Radium

10 Rangers (215)
- Omnispex
- 3x Arc Rifles
- Arc Pistol
- Arc Maul
- Conversion Field

5 Ruststalkers (190)
- Conversion Field
- Omniscient Mask

5 Infiltrators (205)
- Conversion Field
- Infoslave Skull

3x Ironstriders (165)

3x Dunecrawlers (355)
- 2x Neutron Laser
- Icarus Array


Stormblade (505)
- 1x Set of Sponsons

You might be set there thinking "the Skitarii can't take Lords of War" and you are correct. What I can do though is go unbound and still take formations. So while the list is technically unbound I don't actually suffer from any of the negatives and still get that super shiny super heavy I'm saving up for. I mean, why can't the guys the build, own and maintain Baneblade chassis vehicles take them normally? As I mentioned before if Forge World say the Stormblades rules in their download page is the most up to date version I use the list above, if they say the Imperial Armour 1 Second Ed has the most current rules then it's 55 points cheaper which means another Ironstrider fits in perfectly.

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