Sunday, 2 February 2014

An Unusual List

Traditionally I like to make lists that are themed and semi-competitive. For a local upcoming league I've decided to do things a bit differently. This time though I've decided to take units that I like to use. This has lead to an unusual looking list even for me.

Not Iron Hands but still looks bad ass.

So what is in this weird list? Lets start with the Imperial Guard, my primary detachment.

Company Command Squad with Company Standard: Cheap and reliable, flag helps to keep the few guys I have under control without resorting to blowing their heads off with commissars.

Veterans (x2) with nothing: Once again, cheap and there because I need them.

Vendetta: Anti-air and anti-tank rolled into one, what's not to like?

Colossus: Very underrated. My personal favorite of the Guard artillery. It's a S6 AP3 Ignores Cover large blast that can shoot anywhere on the table. Perfect for taking out cover campers, marines and those pesky bikes with their T5 and jink saves.

Manticore: Nearly took a Deathstrike instead. This thing is ace at killing hordes and knocking marines out. If need be it's S10 ordinance rockets can be used against vehicles too.

Leman Russ Executioner: What was that? You have termies?

Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon: Old reliable. It's got a good AA shot which can also take out ground stuff if needed and provides cover for my artillery units/troops.

So there is the Guard, blasts a plenty and designed to simply blow stuff up. Takes up just over half of my total points cost. Now onto my allied Inquisitorial detachment (and my warlord).

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Level 1 Psyker (psychic communion) and 3 servo skulls: This guy is here for 3 reasons.
1) Servo Skulls: Always a handy addition to stop pesky infiltrators and scout movers (looking at you Ravenwing).
2) Better Traits: Ordo Xenos have better overall traits out of the Inquisition which are more reliable than rulebook ones and either way my Warlord will be squishy so might as well make the most out of them.
3) Psychic Communion: Some of you might be asking why bother with it? Why not take a rulebook power or Astropath instead? That's because not only does this let me mess with my reserves but the enemies as well. Confused? Let me walk you through how it works.

Psychic Communion (page 152 of Codex: Inquisition)
"Psychic Communion is a blessing that is used at the start of the Movement phase before any Reserve rolls are made. If successful, you can modify any Reserve roll result by +1 or -1 (choose after each dice roll is made). This power is cumulative with any other modifiers to Reserve rolls, including other Psychic Communion powers."

As blessings last until the end of the next turn (main rulebook, page 68) then the power is in effect during the enemy players turn too. The power lets me modify any reserve rolls by +1 or -1, any so not just my own. So what I do is let them go first (unless they make me go first and don't steal, then this wont work as well). Their turn 1 happens then in mine I activate the power. During their turn 2 they get them to bring their reserves in on a 2+. "But that's stupid, why would you WANT their flyers on the table that soon?". That's an easy one, their flyers are on the table and mine aren't. So now in my turn 2 I re-activate the power and my flyers show up with enough firepower between them to down the enemies flyers who are sat waiting nicely for me. Can also be used for other, similar effects. One player is bragging about outflanking Fuegan(?) and Fire Dragons to kill my Russ. Russ hides in reserve, Eldar Fire Man shows up, then my Russ appears and blows them up.

Now onto the Iron Hands, you knew they were coming. Only allies but still there to do a job (mainly wreck shit up).

Chapter Master with Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Lightening Claw and The Gorgons Chains: Chapter Master Smashy is back to wreck stuff up like usual. He'll be in the Raven with his typical entourage.

6 Honour Guard with Chapter Standard, 3 Power Swords, 2 Power Axes and a Thunder Hammer: Decided to give the Chapter Champ a Thunder Hammer and new model. I'll post a pic of him when I'm done painting him. I'm hoping might actually kill something now.

Techmarine with 2 Servitors: These guys are going to try and keep the Guard tanks running. Blessing them on a 2+ should get the job done.

5 Scouts: Mandatory troops, they'll either hang back or go annoy something up field.

Land Speeder with a pair of Multi-Meltas: Falls out of the sky and blows a tank up or zooms up the field and blows a tank up. Either way it's job is to go and blow a tank up.

Stormraven Gunship with Multi-Melta, Hurricane Bolter and a Searchlight: Transport for my Honour Guard and additional fire support. Should be able to deal with other flyers along with the Icarus and the Vendetta. Also great at thinning down infantry. Searchlight? well I had 1 point left to spend and it wont do any harm to have it.

So there it is. It's very mix and match. It's also very light on troops which worries me but I should be able to knock out their troops too. The organizer is being a dick and has so far told me that every other player, with the exception of the 1 person who hasn't handed their list in, will beat me and most of them will table me. Might happen, but I can't see it personally. Not tabling. I've got enough hitting power to cause serious damage to anything. We'll see how it goes though. I'll write up a quick summary of each of my games and get a few pics in as well (assuming my opponent doesn't mind).

Not WYSIWYG and not fully painted but I'm ready for war!

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