Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Legion Badass

Back to Iron Hands for today I think with some pretty badass models. The Legion Contemptor and Legion Squad.

The Legion squad first. These guys were great to put together. The only problems I had with them were that some of the back packs were a bit thin and snapped at the bottom. Luckily though you can't really tell on the models. The other problem is that you only get 2 models aiming down their sights, the others hold them one handed. I'd much prefer it if there was at least the option of having them aim down the sights, one handed badassness should be reserved for sergeants not any old marine.

The Contemptor next. Once again a fantastic kit. I've opted for 2 close combat arms so I can use him as an Ironclad in normal games. I don't know what actual Contemptors are like as I haven't seen their rules but I imagine smashing stuff up is something they would be pretty good at. I wanted him to have one fist closed and in the plam of his other hand walking forwards but the arms aren't long enough for that as I went for closed fists marching forwards instead.

I'm looking forward to fielding both of these units, but I definitely need to get them painted first. I'm also tempted to get some Dark Eldar slave girls for the Contemptor, that way I can say he's so badass he gets all the girls :)

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