Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Grand Alliance of Humanity

The first faction for Void Assault to get rules.

The Alliance was formed in 2351 as a way to unite the human colonies scattered around the galaxy. Initially this was a good thing, all the Alliance planets prospered from it, but eventually the Alliance Council and the inner worlds got greedy. They increased taxes on the poorer outer worlds, began using slave labor camps and calling them "temporary oportunity centers" and eventually began making people who disagreed with them vanish. This eventually split the galaxy into a civil war between the Grand Alliance and the Republic of the Galactic Fringe.

Alliance ships are usually well equipped with well trained crews. They favour a streamlined shaped hull and are highly offensive in combat thanks to having many powerful weapons. The most notorious of their weapons is the Magna-Cannon. Only a single ship currently has access to it but threat of unleashing it is enough to send whole fleets scattering.

Main Strength: Extreme firepower.
Main Weakness: Mostly forward facing weapons, relatively slow compared to other ships.

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