Saturday, 22 February 2014

League Games 2 and 3

No pics I'm afraid but there is a quick run down of what happened.

Game 1 VS Chaos Space Marines with Necron Allies - Loss 4-8

This was close right up to the end. We'd get a turn of almost nothing happening then whole sections would fall apart. If there was 1 more game turn I might have pulled it around. We got Crusade (4 objectives) and short table edges again. My artillery had very little to do but I manage to get the Psychic Communion trick off which only cost me 2/3 of a guardsman squad but at the bonus of knocking out a helldrake and night scythe before they could cause any damage. In the end though a guardsman failed a 2+ cover save which left one of my objectives open and I failed to stop some plague marines gaining line breaker which cost me the game. Another turn though and I would have taken out one of his objectives (3 cultists VS an unharmed stormraven) and and got line breaker with smashy and company.

Game 2 VS Chaos Daemons - Draw 2-2

Yet again Crusade (5 objectives) and short edges. 5 big daemons flying around (keeper of secrets, bloodthirster and 3 princes if I remember correctly) with a portal glyph and 2 units of pink horrors. He killed all of my troops quickly but I managed to do the same back. I got first blood from the portal glyph (scattered in front of a duel-melta landspeeder). Hats of to Chapter Master Smashy though, lasted 4 rounds of combat against 3 princes and the keeper before finally falling. He would have taken 2 of the princes out as well but he kept using Heroic Intervention to switch who Smashy was fighting. Had an emergency with the Manticore too, turn 1 the warpstorm table destroyed the storm eagle launcher (4 rockets all count as 1 weapon) but luckily my Techmarine was next to it and fixed it up on a 2+ (iron hands + 2 servitors). Came out as a draw because no troops so no objectives held, he'd got warlord and linebreaker i'd got warlord and first blood. Once again though a great game but I simply couldn't deal with so many MC's in my face right away.

Thankfully that's the 2 games I was worried about out of the way, those were the guys who knew what they were doing more than the rest. From here on out it's mainly down to scenario and deployment as to who will win.

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