Thursday, 20 February 2014

League Game 1 - Tau Empire

Sorry it's late, only just thought to post about it. On Saturday I had my first league game against a Tau gunline list that featured lots of pathfinders (3x units of 6 guys, a bit overkill) plenty of firewarriors and 2 units of missile broadsides with as many missile drones as he could fit in with commander helpful to boost a broadside unit. At first it was a bit "whoah, that's a lot of rockets!" but then we got mission 1 (3 objectives) and short edge deployment which was perfect for me. Thanks to my artillery with stupid range and lots of blasts I sat back and just blasted away. End of my turn 3 and all he had left was 4 firewarriors and 2 pathfinders with something plasma battlesuits stuck in reserve and I had only lost a couple of guardsmen and some scouts so he called it. I'll try and write up a battle report for the next one or at least get some pictures taken.

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