Monday, 18 November 2013

The Inquisition

Before I start I just want to make sure you guys know that I have not read a copy of this myself. I'm going off of what I've been told and what I've read online.
Today I'm going to talk about Codex: Inquisition. It seems to be a "love it or hate it" book because it doesn't add anything that GK Inquisition doesn't have, at first glance.

As a standalone codex, no it's not the best and it could have had more added. But that's not, nor has it ever been hinted at, what this codex is for. They are SUPPOSED to be allies. I mean think about it, when do the Inquisition (Grey Knights and Sisters excluded) launch full scale invasions of their own? They don't they get the Marines and Guard to do it and lead them in the attacks. Even Deathwatch are small, elite task forces with specific objectives in mind so why should this book be designed as a primary detachment?

So what does it add that can't be done in GK? Firstly, unlike GK, you don't have to take either Coteaz or a squad of Grey Knights. This is good because I don't want either of those, I like my home-built characters (Typhus being the ONLY exception) too much to have either of them. Secondly the Inquisition is BATTLE BROTHERS with other Imperial armies unlike the Knights who are, at best, allies of convenience. Why is this important? I'll explain in a bit. Now for transports. Inquisition can take a Valkyrie as a dedicated transport (not vendetta, a valkyrie) which means I can fit them into my orbital assault themed army without the need to take a Stormraven that get them to fit. The other good bit is that they don't take up an allies slot, so you can do Guard, Marines and Inquisition all in a single army! Also your Inquisitor can be the only unit you take from the Inquisition book and even if he's an ally he can be your warlord. This book definitely brings the Inquisition to the tabletop how they should be.

Now onto the good bit. What can be done with them as allies? Due to the Inquisition being Battle Brothers (unlike Grey Knights) I can make use of their wargear. Which means my Drop Pod themed Iron Hands get to make use of Inquisitorial Servo-Skulls. For a dirt cheap 64 points you can have an Inquisitor with Psyker Level 1 and 3 Servo-Skulls. Which means if I wanted to be a complete dick my Iron Hands are not only landing accurately with their Pods but should you get within 12" of a Servo Skull then the Thunderfire only scatters D6" and thanks to BS 4 on the techy manning it at most it'll scatter 2". What if you're not near a Servo Skull? My Inquisitor that's with the only unit not in a Drop Pod (Thunderfire) takes Prescience and twin-links it. If I wanted to I could twin-link it next to a Servo Skull but there isn't much need :)

Overall from what I've heard I'm pleased with this book. Yes Assassins aren't in there but come on, people would pay 25 points and then take 3 of them because screw you guys. Even limiting them to just 1 people would pay the 25 point tax just to take it. That would be stupid on the table top, no Imperial force would be without one and there are more to the Inquisition than just Assassins.

I've already got my Inquisitor conversion planned out, but no spoilers until he's done. Okay, 1 spoiler. I get to try some greenstuff modelling.

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