Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More Games, More Points

Today I saw the field of battle against James, who previously beat me with his Tau, and Dave whose Daemons once again took my Iron Hands down a peg.
I played the Grey Knight game first. This time we played 950 points (as that is what James had for his ToMG). He had Crowe, 2 Purifier Squads that he Combat Squaded and a Stormraven. I'd got my 600 point list from before but with a Master of the Forge with Power Sword and the Uber Bolter (primarchs wrath?), 5 Scouts with Snipers, Missile Launcher, Flakk Missiles and Camo Cloaks, 6 Scouts, Camo Cloaks and a Heavy Bolter with Hellfire Rounds and all the Sgts were Veterans.

I let him deploy first but stole the Initiative back. Turn 1 I landed and killed Crowe (well he charged Chapter Master Hammer Time and got beaten to death), then went around killing Purifiers until the Stormraven showed up. Once that happened that game went from 8-1 to 8-5 as that damn thing flew around slowing knocking out 1 unit at a time. I managed to hit and damage it with the Grav Gun but after that I couldn't damage it. 1 thing that happened repeatedly though was Krak grenades being thrown at it and an incredible number actually hit it, none damaged it but lots hit it :)

What i've learnt from that is that combat squading isn't always necessary and Stormravens are annoying to bring down. I need a Hunter (the one with the homing rocket).

Now for Game 2 VS Slaanesh. Diagonal deployment and 1 objective in each deployment. This time the scout Sgts were no longer vets and I included an Inquisitorial Detachment of an Inquisitor with Psychic Communion, 3 Servo Skulls and a Melta Bomb to test it out. However after placing the Servo Skulls I remembered how quick Daemonettes are and they knocked one out on turn 1. My first Pod unit immobilized a chariot thing then got swarmed by Daemons. In the end I lost my deployment zone and he almost lost his to the second pod and some outflanking scouts. End of turn 5 I only had the Thunderfire on 1 wound and the Pods he still had loads of Daemonettes, about 7 Noise Marines and a Keeper of Secrets.

What i've learn't is i'm better off using subterranean rounds against Daemonettes and to be careful with servo skulls. they're handy but fragile.

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