Saturday, 9 November 2013

Another Couple of Games Done

Bit backwards for my IH, but cool never the less.
Today I've had another couple of 600 point games, one against some Imperial Fists and another against Grey Knights.

The Fists game he took a tac squad, scout squad, Lysander and an Ironclad. Went pretty well, he got first blood and 2 kill points but I tabled him. This is the first time anyone has attacked the drop pods themselves which seems daft to me as surely a drop pod is an easy kill point? Lysander was a pain in the ass but he can only pass so many invulnerable saves.

The Grey Knights game was more interesting. I lost a Tac squad but once again I tabled him. He'd got an Inquisitor, 2 Strike Squads in Razorbacks and a Dreadknight. One of the interesting things that happened in this game was the commonly overlooked Concussive rule of the Grav Guns. Normally Grav Guns kill what you shoot them at but I shot the Dreadknight and only did 1 wound so it and my Chapter Master hit at the same time. Didn't make much difference in game but it's one of those things that's worth remembering because it COULD make a difference.

Something that we spoke about today was AA. I've always wondered why people prefer the Quad Gun/Stalker instead of the Icarus Lascannon/Hunter. Yeah it's more shots, but you're only slightly damaging things like Helldrakes that you NEED dead. I'd rather take the single shot and be more likely to kill it than spend ages chipping away at it. You also save a few points by taking less shots which could come in handy.

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  1. Maybe people take the Quad Gun because that is the only option you get in the ADL box?