Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Honour and Glory

So today I built up a new unit. I've proxied it before building them and people already don't like them :)
It's my Honour Guard for Hammer Time. Featuring 3 Power Swords, 2 Power Axes, 5 Bolters, 5 Bolt Pistols, everyone in 2+ armour and a Chapter Flag for a measly 160 points. These guys go into a drop pod with Hammer Time and Techy for one incredibly tough unit of death. Anyway enough blabbering onto the pics.

 Here is the family photo. The Champ is leading at the front with his best buddies right behind him. I thought 3 swords and 2 axes could deal with pretty much any threat.
 Here is the close up of the Champ and an Axe Guy. The Champ has a bionic arm to help him stand out as the guy whose going to kick your arse in a challenge.

And here are the other guys. The back packs have been left of for 2 reasons.

1) I don't actually have them yet.
2) I'll take advice from a friend and paint them up as is so the back pack doesn't get in the way. I can then paint that separately and stick it on afterwards.

The banner guy now and there are a couple of things you may not be able to see properly in the photos. Firstly he has a power sword. It is sheathed on his side. Secondly he has a power flag. I couldn't find the handle for it so I used a warding stave but without the head. I've decided that it's AP6, unwieldy, but causes Instant Death as people think it's night time and go to sleep. Might work against Orks :)

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