Saturday, 23 November 2013

1500 Points, 2 More Games (well 1.5)

2 more games, 2 more wins. Although I do admit game 2 needs replaying so it only counts as half until next week when we have a re-match.
Firstly the list. I decided to try 1500 points to help give me an idea of what I want my Iron Hands to be like in a few ToMG hand ins. This meant proxying slightly but it was worth while.

Primary Detachment

Chapter Master - 240
- Shield Eternal
- Thunder Hammer
- Artificer Armour
- Digital Weapons

Master of the Forge - 135
- Power Sword
- Digital Weapons
- Primarchs Wrath

5 Honour Guard - 195
- Chapter Standard
- Axe on champion, Swords on everyone else
- Drop Pod

10 Man Tactical Squad - 210
- Veteran Sergeant
- Plasma Gun
- Combi-Plasma
- Drop Pod

10 Man Tactical Squad - 210
- Veteran Sergeant
- Grav Gun
- Combi-Grav
- Drop Pod

5 Scouts - 85
- Camo Cloaks
- 4x Sniper Rifles
- Missile Launcher

6 Scouts - 91
- Camo Cloaks
- Heavy Bolter
- Hellfire Shells

2 Land Speeders - 170
- 2 Typhoon Missile Launchers
- 2 Multi-Meltas

Thunderfire Cannon - 100

Inquisitorial Detachment

Inquisitor (lets say Hereticus even though it doesn't matter) - 64
- Level 1 Psyker (Prescience)
- 3 Servo Skulls

The list worked surprisingly well. The Servo Skulls are really handy for accurate Pods and twin-linked Scouts are always good. I admit some of it was luck (one sarge survived 2 turns of combat against Tycho! 6+ Feel No Pain FTW!!!!!!) but that Honour Guard unit is SICK!! 5 power weapon attacks on the charge with the normal guys! 2+ armour save for the whole squad! Perfect fit for Hammer Time and Techy. Landing in a Pod in your lines will hurt you badly. The Tac squads can put out a tremendous amount of firepower too and the Land Speeders are a fantastic, fast anti-tank firebase even if they're a bit fragile.

I'd like to try and squeeze a land speeder storm in there too but i'm not sure where to free up points from. I'll have a play about with it :)

Tomorrow (if I remember) i'll bring you a 1k point battle report against Reece and his ToMG force.

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