Saturday, 16 November 2013


Not many people know this but I have a small Fantasy army. These don't come out very often though and most of the models are unpainted. As you may have guessed from the picture I'm a Skaven player.
Now my army is Island of Blood with a few extra bits. Or it was. Today I received quite a few models for free (seems to be happening a lot recently :) ) which has boosted my army up considerably. Included in the lot were a metal Queek (MWAHAHAHAHA), a Hellpit (FUN!) and a Warp Lightening Cannon along with some Plague Monks that'll go nicely with my Plague Furnace.

When I first revealed my Skaven one of my friends questioned why as they blow themselves up? The answer is simple. I play 40k fairly competitively, when I began my venture into the realms of the old world I decided I wanted something fun and what is more fun than an army of crazy rat men that don't even know that they're doing until it happens! This has been proven several times with things like Doomwheel charging into my own rat men and a Grey Seer going Scitterleap then 13th, rinse and repeat.

Tomorrow I've got a 3v3 game at 1k per player using the new Triumph and Treachery expansion. I'll get some pics uploaded afterwards. I'm not a big fantasy player but i'm looking forward to this game.

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