Sunday, 17 November 2013

No Pics :(

The Fantasy game went pretty well. It was Skaven, Orcs and Dark Elves VS Wood Elves, Lizard Men and High Elves. I'm sorry there are no pics but I got a bit distracted :)

My list was:

Plague Priest
- Plague Furnace

50 Clan Rats
- Full Command
- Spears and Shields

40 Skaven Slaves

20 Plague Monks
- Full Command

Hellpit Abomination

It was pretty much me VS Wood Elves on one end, Orcs VS Lizards in the middle and the rest of the Elves fighting at the other end with a bit of crossing over. Hellpits are good against birds, struggle to kill trees and slaves don't do a lot at all but 40 for 80 points can't be argued with.

I managed to take the Wood Elves down to a single tree that the Hellpit couldn't manage to kill (should have paid for warpstone spikes). Orcs got crushed in the middle and the Dark Elves took out the High Elves on the other end. Win for the Bad Guys!

If I could do it differently I'd take a Grey Seer instead of the Plague Priest and Warpstone Spikes on the Hellpit. Maybe trade out the slaves and Monks for Stormvermin. Dreaded 13th would have come in pretty handy that game.

I've got another game next week at the same points but 2v2 instead of 3v3 so i'll make a different list and see how it goes.

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