Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing

At Salute I picked up a copy of Star Trek Attack Wing. I like Star Trek and enjoy playing X-Wing but still had reservations about this. X-Wing simulates the fast paced dogfighting of fighters where this doesn't really happen in Star Trek, the Enterprise is certainly nothing to an X-Wing in terms of speed and manoeuvrability, but they use the same system with some minor tweaks.

The starter scenario is enough for 3 players with even points, so that's we did. Immediately we noticed some changes. In X-Wing you tend to roll about the same number of attack and defence dice, in Attack Wing you have a lot more attack dice. Also despite the same manoeuvre templates being similar the normal turns aren't as steep which gives the feeling that it takes ages for the ships to turn around. The ships also have a basic version (EG Galaxy Class) and a Unique version (EG Enterprise D). The unique one has a special ability and a slight stat tweek (+1 shield, things like that) for just a few more points then you put the captain on, whereas in X-Wing you get the pilot as part of the cost of the ship.

Anyway actual game play was about the same but went quicker and had a couple of hiccups from some of the tweaks. Overall though we enjoyed it and ended up going back to pick up another ship for each faction. Shame the Defiant was in stock otherwise I would have had one of those as well. Can't wait for Voyager and the Borg to turn up later this year either (Transphasic Torpedoes have an attack value of 10!!!!). If you can get a copy give it a go, or if you know me ask me for a game some time, i've got 2 Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Dominion ships.

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