Saturday, 5 April 2014

Grumpy Gamers

This one is a bit of a rant, feel free to read but I'm just venting.

Today I played 2 games of 40k. Both against the same opponent and both using the same lists, different missions and table sizes (6x4 then 4x4 though). He's not the best of players, easily much more of a painter, but all throughout both games he was really moody and snapping at me over little things. By the end of it I'd had enough. It wasn't even as if he was loosing, without help he was winning right up until the very end. One of the reasons for playing was so I could help him with his game, but every time I suggested something I just got "NO!, I'm doing THIS instead!". For example right up at the end of the second game his assault marines were on the relic, 2 and a sang priest, with some sternguard near by and I'd got the remains of a platoon command squad with standard, commander and flamer. He decides to run the sternguard to form a barrier between the PCS and the relic. I suggested that he simply shoots them instead, 8 sternguard will kill 3 guardsmen and my only 2 other surviving units were a company command squad and heavy weapon squad, both at the back of the board so they couldn't do anything. Instead he runs them like he said and my flamer takes half of his sternguard out and 1 of the assault marines. Lasgun/Pistol then took out the other assault marine leading me to win 2-1 on secondary objectives. Of course he then complained that he lost despite not taking my advice.

He's also the only person I know who has declared the Master of the Ordinance to be overpowered. One lucky scatter role took out 8/10 assault marines in a squad. The rest of the time it missed completely but that 1 shot makes him OP somehow. Oh and Marbo is OP too. He sniped a Librarian (his warlord) and he failed to look out sir while his demo pack had killed 3 assault marines. He demolished the building Marbo was in, killing him, then a deathstrike landed and took out his 10 sternguard, so that's OP BS too.

The thing that annoys me most though is asking for a game to help him improve his tactics and then throwing it all back in my face. Why bother asking if you won't listen? "Use the Sternguard's ignores cover rounds to kill Harkers squad", "NO! I'm going to use wound on a 2+ instead", "I'll get a 2+ cover save and you're wound on 3's, ignoring my armour anyway...", "I'll stick to wound on a 2+".

Suffice to say I'm not helping him again and next time I'm taking a tougher list and picking fault with his measurements (Baal pred that scout moves 12" diagonally, then normal moves diagonally again another 12" and yet ends up on the very edge of my deployment zone? Yeah try again).

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